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Weems Chrome Stormglass in Black Gift Box
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Weems Chrome Stormglass in Black Gift Box

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The Weems Chrome Stormglass is a mysterious weather predictor that is sure to intrigue. Thought to have been invented by an alchemist for Italian sailors, stormglass instruments have been in use since the 1750s. Admiral Fitzroy, the famous sailor and meteorologist, mounted an instrument similar to our stormglass on the mast of HMS Beagle as a storm warning instrument during his historic voyage with Darwin in the 1830s. The premise of the stormglass is that changing weather affects the solubility of the mixture of chemicals in the sealed glass tube. Some believe that the changes in crystal structures have to do with the electromagnetic changes caused by weather and sun storms. A sealed glass chamber holds the mysterious ingredients, and is encapsulated in a beautifully crafted brass cylinder. The Weems Chrome Stormglass can be displayed freestanding or mounted to a boat bulkhead or wall.

  • Predicts weather up to 48-hours in advance
  • Crystals precipitate in unique formations based on impending weather
  • Sealed glass chamber holds mysterious ingredients
  • Polished chrome cylinder
  • Includes chrome mounting accessories for freestanding or wall display (base, self-tapping screw, finial, & mounting accessory)
  • Packaged in velvet-lined, black gift box
  • Avoid placement in extreme heat or direct sunlight

Length: 2.1 in (5.33 cm)

Width: 2.1 in (5.33 cm)

Height: 6.5 in (16.51 cm)

Weight: 0.8 lb (362.8 g)

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester